As long as you are in, I have only smile on his face。


Looking at you smile, suddenly found that I was the happiest person in the world。


I love you not because of who you are, but in front of you, who I am!


Love is a feeling, you think you are a miss, let us together is the fate。


I don't know why, as long as there is you by my side, my heart will no longer panicky。


I know, after the marriage will regret, but can't get married, I will regret!


I want to hold you forever! Remember this is not my commitment to you, this is my desire!


You are my only let me so busy life of man, you are all my long life。


We all want to eat on time, especially the breakfast, we are both not fat, so want to eat well。


Love you is a feeling, a kind of happiness, sweet feeling。 Make you happy, also let yourself happy。


Love you is not the goal, the purpose is to love you! Love you is not the goal, the purpose is to love you forever!


If loving you is wrong, I don't want to; If it is equal to without you, I would rather a lifetime of wrong!


Inadvertently, you stole my heart。 piece of me, only miss you, miss you! Your heart back to me, ok?


The road of life is very long, let me go with you。 I and you would like to build a belong to our own sky。


Do you know, in fact, for the first time hand in hand with you, I decided to this life must be your bride, forever lover。


A cup of tea can make me warm in the chest。 A good book can let my eyes moist。 But the only you really turning me on!


If you really have a magpie bridge, I want to go with you to the end of the bridge, the bridge and then down, never let you go, want to?


When the morning the first rays of the breeze to me, my love, it will come to your side, remember! My love always be with you!


If one day we separated, please remember there is a fool love you, I put the sad to yourself, don't do lover I am grateful。


Hold your hand, which, hold your hand, waiting for tomorrow, hold your hand, walk through this life, hold your hand, it can。


please cherish every chance you have, seize belong to you every moment! I belong to you forever! Miss you my love!


Do smile flower petals, I collected for you luxuriant wedding clothes, hope you can come to my side, do I beautiful bride。


Let me first, hand in hand, since you let me hold your hand, I won't let go, I want to hold your hand the rest of my life。


Like is light love。 Love is deep like。 I hope I don't have to take you home, but we together back to our home。


Very dark night, I was wondering, The light is very bright, but I will take phone fell asleep, I fell asleep, but hear you in my arms!


I have been lonely to sleep, in dream you appear in front of my eyes, I want to kiss you, my love, I want to kiss you tonight。


Really want to be your mobile phone, are you in my arms, holding in his hand, see in the eye, in mind。 The most important and often kissed you!


Think of you is a kind of beautiful sadness of sweet melancholy, the in the mind noodles, is a kind of in any language cannot express the warmth。


Love and not love always let a person feel so unusual。 You don't love I can't walk, to love you。 This is my love! please also come to love!


You are the starting point of all, I think from you out of a ray is drew a circle, just understand, you are the center of the circle of my life!




Our love, stronger every year。 Dear, happy valentine's day。


This valentine's day this year, don't ask me how。 I cowardly admit, I sad。


May bring us Cupid's valentine's day love and warmth of romance。 Happy valentine's day!


Acquainted with you sincerely, and between a tacit, accompany with you daily。 Happy valentine's day!


Even if it brings sorrow love and trust it。 Don't close your heart。 A happy holiday!


Is I write love letter,; I dozen telephone, is; Rose, is I send; Blessing, I said: happy valentine's day!


If the heart is near, again far is short, so many lonely people, few happy, happy valentine's day!


Listen to a somebody else say, can use a word said, is the most real and proper answer, so I said: I love you!


Friends: please remember! Roses can't, I help you with you! Eat chocolate, I help you eat! Happy valentine's day!


The reason I live to the whole meaning of now, for this moment to say to you, I love you, I'll behind you to guard you forever。


Not because I miss you, but because think you just lonesome。 The feeling of loneliness is so heavy, just because think too deep。


I wish you: daily sleep in daylight, to hand cramps wages, men spend you accept a gift, others overtime pay you! Happy valentine's day!


Without your days, not blue! No flower, don't you yan! Your meal, no sweet! Didn't you sleep, no sweet! Dear, happy valentine's day!


Blink your eyes, I will die, your eyes blink again, I am alive, your eyes blink to blink, I die again and again。


On this special day, maybe I should not find spare you, but I hope you can induction distance to my deeply wishes? Happy valentine's day!


All of my heart all the ideas, in the past, now, in the future only comes down to a voice, a tone if it rings, can only be: I love you!


As the saying goes: the train is not push, happiness is not a blow; Valentine's day, I want to say to you: have you is right, the heart will be drunk。


Suppose you want to sleep, read your heart pounding; Love you love you love the resourcefulness, meat straight to fall off! Happy valentine's day!


I have no more words, only thing to say: with you, you are everything! Without you around, everything is you! Happy valentine's day!


No matter the ends of the earth, spring, summer, autumn and winter, miss you in every day! Have your day, everything is centered around you。 Happy valentine's day!


Together day very mediocre, as if the waves is not surprised, but, this kind of everyday life is the most romantic, right? Wife, happy valentine's day!


You on the other side of the world, far out of reach, across the sea and high in the sky, what kind of ship can survive, what kind of plane can reach?


Is by no means wealth can buy contentment and peace happiness; Love love partner and happiness, is the treasure of the world! Dear, happy valentine's day!


Happy memories, benefit for all people drink three cups; On a good profit, the attraction of the maple leaf star cui。 Calm, no worry, joy peace forever。


The sound of your voice, like an angel。 When I first saw you, I knew that as long as there is you, the world is perfect。 So I'll love you whole life。


At this moment, I have the deepest yearning, let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream, wish you have a happy happy valentine's day。


Miss you in every night of the stars; Read you in every moment of joy; Looking forward to you in every moment of miss you! Love you in every second breath of gap。


Love is a feeling even pain will find happiness and love is a kind of experience will feel sad if sweet love is an experience even if broken will find beautiful。


Distant place I miss you very much, you know? No matter the ends of the earth, we are how far apart。 My each valentine day forever belongs to you, my life's favorite。


My love is like stars in the sky, and countless; My love, like cabbage, cooked this also not bad; Like a beggar to me, you give us some feelings just run away。 Excuse me, more love。



-- As a lily among brambles

so is my love among maidens.

As an apple tree among the trees of the pare thee to a summers day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate.

from Sonnet 18 by paradise Lost (Eve is speaking to Adam here) by John Milton (1608-1674)


-- O, my Luve is like a red, red rose,

Thats ne A Red, Red Rose 不要by Robert Burns (1759-1796)


-- Nothing in the world is single;

All things by a law pine

In one anothers being mingle:-

Sonnets from the portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

我是怎样的爱你,请让我细数端详。我爱你爱到心灵深处,之深之广只有灵魂才能触摸,其排比一泻千里,似有不可遏制之势。布朗宁在《葡萄牙十四行诗》中的炽烈情感、直露表白,总能让人联想到《上邪》中那个对爱无所顾忌的女子:上邪!我欲与君相知,长命无绝衰!山无棱,江水为竭,冬雷震震,夏雨雪,天地合;乃敢与君绝! 言语夸张却无造作之嫌,感情细腻却又大气磅礴。或许,只有女子才敢留下这种大手笔,也只有女子写下的这种绝世之爱才能被世人接受和理解。

-- Ah love is bitter and sweet,

but which is more sweet

the bitterness or the sweetness,

none has spoken it.

from Eros by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle, 1886-1961)